Virginia Beach, VA

You've Never Had
Ice Cream Like This

At Gerald’s, we’ve spent a long time working out how to make the best ice cream on the planet. We think we’re pretty close. Here’s how we got here…

Our Story

Where It All Began

Our Story

Gerald’s Story

Ironically enough, Gerald practiced dentistry for 46 years but always had an interest in food. He opened his first restaurant with his son, the well-known oceanfront destination Terrapin. Gerald’s favorite part of being a restaurant owner was interacting with his staff and his customers. He continued to operate Terrapin for six years until he turned the reins over to his son to pursue another dream, ice cream. Gerald has always loved ice cream. When he traveled, his mission was always to find the best ice cream store in town.

One day Gerald made his way to Paris and visited Berthillon, a well-known retailer of luxury ice cream and sorbets. It was the best he ever had. As soon as Gerald came back home, he purchased an ice cream maker began testing all kinds of recipes.

Gerald had befriended a chocolatier by the name of Tim Brown. Tim was an instructor for the Pastry/Dessert Department at Johnson and Wales and was also on the U.S. Gelato team. Gerald convinced Tim to come to Virginia Beach to help him with his ice cream formulas. They stringently went through the science and mechanics required to make high-quality ice cream. At this point, Gerald decided Virginia Beach needed its place like Berthillon.

Opening in the middle of the pandemic didn’t stop Gerald from making a shop that was both familiar and different.

Gerald’s goal for his store is to be more than just an ice cream scoop shop. He incorporates old-fashioned desserts while making a higher quality product. His dream is that Gerald’s serves as a dessert place people can come sit down and hang out.