Our Story

Gerald’s Ice Cream Bar is the result of loving ice cream, learning how to make it, and enjoying the fun of sharing it with other people.

Curiosity led to learning.

Owner and Founder Gerald Einhorn learned that he had to start with the finest ingredients for an ice cream base (consisting of: milk, cream, eggs, and sugar), then add only the highest quality natural products in order to develop rich flavors which contain no artificial additives or stabilizers.

This is truly natural old-fashioned ice cream.

Made in small batches to ensure freshness, each flavor is allowed to steep for a day to fully develop the rich, full taste. Each small-batch flavor is then flash-frozen using Liquid Nitrogen to create amazingly smooth, intensely flavorful ice creams.

Our hand-made small-batch approach to an old time favorite treat is designed to give ice cream lovers the ice creams of their dreams. By combining old‑fashioned style, taste and quality with a modern technique, you will enjoy a unique ice cream experience.

You can view the whole process in our open kitchen through a large glass panel — it’s quite a show!