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Our Process

What Makes Us Different

An inside look at how we make our quality ice cream.


Egg creates a natural emulsion that allows us to keep our ice cream 100% all natural without the use of stabilizers, gums or preservatives.

Emulsion: WYNTK

What You Need to Know

Emulsion is the process of mixing two or more liquids that are normally unmixable. Oil and water alone are unmixable. By using eggs, it creates a natural emulsion to bring water and oil from the milk and cream, together.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Eggs?

Using eggs to create an emulsion is slightly more expensive due to the added cost. Alternatively, to cut costs, some ice cream shops use gums and stabilizers to control the loose water, never forming a natural stable emulsion; this impacts the texture of the ice cream. Using eggs (referred to as a Custard Base) makes a creamier ice cream. Using gums and stabilizers (referred to as Philly Style), tends to have an elastic texture. While our ice cream is slightly more expensive, you can expect a quality taste made with 100% all-natural ingredients.

How It's Made 👨🏼‍🍳

Steps 1-3

Creating the Base

Step 1: Starting the Base
Heat Milk and Cream Together
Step 2: Add Sugar
We Add a Variety of Different Sugars
Step 3: Create an Emulsion
We Add Egg to Bring Water & Oil Together
Steps 4-6

Bringing Out the Flavor

Step 4: Bring the Heat
Heat Everything Together at 182°
Step 5: Rapid Cooling
We Rapid Cool the Ingredients
Step 6: Infusion
Sits Overnight to Infuse & Intensify Flavor
Steps 7-9

The Freezing Process

Step 7: Flash Freeze
We Flash Freeze Into Small Batches Using Liquid Nitrogen
Step 8: Into the Hardener
Placed in a Freezer -20° for 6 Hours
Step 9: Stored for Serving
Stored at -10°, Served at 5°
Fun Facts

The More You Know

If you freeze ice cream right after you make it, it leaves water creating an icier product

Milk is about 80% water and Cream is about 50% water.

Yes. Ice Cream is richer with more Milk and Cream.

A Custard base Ice Cream uses egg yolks, which act as a natural emulsifier. The process is typically more expensive and labor-intensive but eliminates the need for gums and chemical stabilizers. Ice Cream made without egg yolks is called Philly Style and uses gums and chemical stabilizers.

Our Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream.

Dulche de Leche is his all-time favorite but he loves the new flavors he creates each week.