Authentic French Pastry at Gerald's!

Baked Fresh Thursdays - Sundays
Available on these days only. Starting at 9 AM until sold out.
Can also be pre-order: 757-417-7600

croissant dough sprinkled with sugar and topped with house-made raspberry compote

Almond Croissant
baked twice croissant, dipped in brandy syrup and filled with almond frangipane

Morning Bun
pastry cream, macadamia praline and crushed macadamia nuts. Topped with house-made caramel sauce

Pain aux Raisins
pastry cream, raisins and currants mixed with brown sugar and pumpkin spice

Chocolate Croissant
filled with dark chocolate

Classic Croissant

House-made Macarons

amaretti cookies

Chocololate and classic vanilla flavors.